Mentoring + Education

We offer inspirational and strategic creative business mentoring

Our mission is to provide education and empowerment to up and coming Wedding Planners and Designers who are in different stages of growth in their business.

With business coaching, I walk you through how to start and scale your wedding planning and design business strategically and generate more revenue by how you package, position, and price your services for your unique target market even when it feels saturated.

No longer just "figuring it out". Instead, you’re in full control of your business. From client experience to time management and business process–growing your business feels intuitive and easy.

Recognized as an industry leader. Sought after for your incredible services, and running a truly successful, exciting business that supports your meaningful life.

Confident in all your business decisions. Knowing that you’re moving in the right direction as you pursue YOUR dreams and goals along the way.

Imagine having a business where you are...

We invite you to experience real, honest advice on getting started, setting boundaries, turning a profit, and making a name for yourself as a wedding planner and designer.

IF you want clients who:

get married at venues and locations you’ve always dreamed of working at

have a budget that can afford all the trimmings

value your work and expertise because they KNOW they hired the best

actually respect your boundaries and are *nice* to work with

Schedule your 1-on-1 mentoring session today! I’m here to support you in growing a profitable wedding business with purpose.

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